Christin-Denise Langer

Head of MarketingMercedes-Benz Vans


Conversion Rate


At Mercedes-Benz Vans we focus on B2B sales. Reaching such a specialised target audience that is interested in buying one or multiple vans for their business is not the easiest thing to do. To further scale our lead generation tactics and make the move into digital sales we started working together with Perspective. We asked them to help us build a digital lead generation strategy. With the use of Perspective Funnels we were (and still are) able to drive fantastic results in a hard to approach market.

How we drove test drives through a two step funnel setup

In preparation of the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class we decided to collect leads two months in advance to add them to a nurture email list. Once the new pickup was introduced we invited our now “warmed up” leads to test drive the new X-Class at a dealership near them.

The first funnel we setup was a short lead magnet funnel with the goal to collect tons of contact details. Through a two-step signup process we were able to filter the leads based on their main interest and send them personalised and relevant information afterwards.

Until the official introduction of the X-Class we were able to nurture the leads through a series of relevant information snippets revealing more and more details about the new car step by step.

Two weeks before we were opening doors to showcase the new car, we started pushing our now hot leads into the second step of our funnel. A short funnel landing page that asked people to register for an exclusive test drive near them.

The results were astonishing. This funnel campaign outperformed all the other marketing measures online and offline that we took to announce the new car

Funnel Setup

  • Runtime of Funnel

    2 months

  • Funnel Types

    Lead Magnet & Application Funnel

  • Industry


  • Conversion Rate

    Total: 25%

Conversion Tips

  • Use short emotional videos to hold the attention on mobile

  • Include 360 degree videos and ask the audience to turn their mobile

  • Nurture your audience to filter out the hot leads you want to talk to

  • Think in product launches to increase engagement

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