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Cezanne Dental

We are focused on training and certifying dentists in Implantology. To grow our business we are focused on acquiring qualitative leads across the world through multiple different digital marketing channels. Coming from the world of dentistry (in which every sale is based on trust & relationship) we totally believed in the concept of digital funnels right from the beginning. With Perspective Funnels we actually found a software that allows us to quickly scale our marketing campaigns without losing too much time and money in expensive web design and development. Thanks to the conversion optimised texts we are able to easily describe the benefits of our programs to our audience.

How we grew our business faster with one funnel in 3 months than the previous year

When starting out with Perspective Funnels we actually decided to get their help on setting up the funnel, as we don’t have that many funnel experts in our own team. Together with the Perspective team, which is super friendly by the way, we developed a so called application funnel.

The idea was to use a series of short video testimonials from our previous coaching participants and show them to our lead list and previous website visitors through emails and display and social media ads.

After our target audience finished the series of testimonials they would be pushed to our application funnel, which we designed to be super exclusive. We used a combination of exclusivity and scarcity to boost the sign ups.

The results were absolutely fantastic and we managed to grow our business 5x faster in 3 months than we did in the entire previous year. We have never closed sales that easily over the phone!

Funnel Setup

  • Runtime of Funnel

    3 months

  • Goal

    Sales Ready Leads

  • Funnel Type

    Application Funnel

  • Industry

    Dentistry Coaching

  • Conversion Rate


  • Number of conversions


Conversion Tips

  • Warm up your audience through a focused nurture sequence

  • Always use exclusivity and scarcity in your funnel

  • Use social proof for trust

  • Ask open questions to identify the hot leads

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