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CEO & Founder BodyMind


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With my coaching program, I help people lose weight so that they feel more comfortable in their bodies. In contrast to other fitness programs, I investigate the causes of excess weight and help people move towards a happier life. I built my entire business online and was looking for a way to scale quickly. I was also looking to win highly qualified leads who were really interested in my concept. So people who not only want to lose weight, but who want to get to the root of their excess weight. Hence, I came up with the idea of using funnel concepts to win new customers. I became aware of Perspective when I was looking for suitable software and I can only say that Perspective Funnels is the funnel builder of the future.

How I managed to get more than 60% of prospects to register for a consultation

Before I chose Perspective Funnels, my biggest challenge was to acquire new customers. Then I started developing a digital customer process using Perspective Funnels.

But why did I choose Perspective Funnels? I use the software for the following 3 reasons:

First, most of my traffic is mobile. That’s why I was looking for an online tool that is specialized in mobile-optimized sites. With Perspective Funnels, my prospective customers can click their way through the Funnel quickly and easily with their smartphone.

In addition, design and user-experience are very important to me when it comes to my online presence. And I think that this will become more and more important in the upcoming years. Perspective Funnels fulfills this optimally: I don’t need any design knowledge, the funnels look great and they are easy to use, by myself and also by my prospective customers.

And the most important point to me is that my conversions are strong and qualified. With Perspective Funnels everything can be individually tailored to the customer groups, for example through individual result pages.

Due to these 3 reasons I use Perspective Funnels in combination with social media like Facebook and Instagram. That way, I can easily win new customers and build a long-term relationship with them.

My first funnel from Perspective was used to get people interested in a consultation. Even with this first funnel, more than 60% of the hot leads signed up for a call. That was a great experience for me and the sign that this funnel strategy works for my company.

While I was creating the funnel, I was always warmly advised by the Perspective team so that I could directly find the perfect funnel for my needs. It’s obvious that Perspective wants to make online marketing easier for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and provide them with the best tools. I’ve always had a positive feeling about Perspective and can only recommend it to everyone.

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    Total: 65%

Conversion Tips

  • Make clear what distinguishes your concept from others and why it is the better concept

  • Address your target group personally & emotionally

  • Bring prospective customers to a purchase by offering them a free consultation

  • Respond to the wishes, goals & problems of your target group

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