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CEOAlpha Foods


Conversion rate

Alpha Foods

As one of the fastest growing plant-based nutrition companies in Germany and the US we noticed a strong increase in mobile traffic over the last two years. With Perspective Funnels we are able to further personalise and tailor the mobile experience to the expectations of our customer base, increasing conversion rates on a daily basis.

How one funnel tripled sales & reduced support costs

Our health products solve specific problems for our customers. Due to the nature of this business we always get a lot of questions from people asking which product suits them best. The idea was to build a custom product finder for our audience to help them find the perfect product for their needs.

After implementing the mobile funnel with Perspective Funnels our conversions rates increased dramatically and our sales tripled.

Using Perspective Funnels is a blast. We are able to launch new funnels literally in seconds — it’s like going all in with a royal flush. Every. Single. Time.

Funnel Setup

  • Runtime of Funnel

    2 Weeks

  • Funnel Type

    Product Finder

  • Industry

    Food & Nutrition

  • Conversion Rate


  • Number of Conversions


Conversion Tips

  • Write shorter sales copy sentences on mobile

  • Avoid landing pages that are too long, rather go in the depth (remember it's less tiring to click than to scroll on mobile)

  • Keep your copy and questions simple (people should not get stuck at a sentence)

  • A/B test the questions you ask thoroughly to get the best conversion rate possible

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